Atomique Productions presents The PEAK Performance Project Victory Tour with...

plus Aztec

The PEAK Performance Project “Victory Tour” will feature the winners of the 2014 BC and Alberta Projects, Good for Grapes and the Wet Secrets. The 2 champion bands will take their shows across both provinces, staring off at the anticipated 7 year launch party of The PEAK Performance Project BC at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver and wrapping the tour with a bang at the launch and Top 12 Announcement party for Alberta’s 2015 PEAK Performance Project at the Palomino in Calgary.

(Victory Tour) BC Poster


Good For Grapes formed in September 2010, after a group of friends took a trip to Victoria, BC for some modest busking. Since the moment they stepped onto the ferry, they were an attraction. After drawing unexpected crowds, this young and aspiring band took form. The original and talented six-piece ensemble embodies an array of harmonizing voices and instruments.

In 2013, the group signed with Toronto-based label, Pheromone Recordings (Mo Kenney, The Dears, The Wilderness of Manitoba), and subsequently released their debut album, Man On The Page in October, 2013.

Pheromone founder, Kim Cooke, on signing the band:

“Every once in a great while you hear new music and you just know. So it was with Good For Grapes. Pheromone is super stoked to sign on and contribute to their development.”

Produced by Colin Stewart (Yukon Blonde, Dan Mangan), the band recorded Man on the Page at Hive Studios in Vancouver. The record is a proper reflection of their energetic stage presence, bursting rhythms and tight harmonies.

Good for Grapes has come a long way since entering their very first Battle of the Bands (Rogers urMusic Battle of the Bands), where they surprised the community by winning the Vancouver vote. As if this wasn’t enough, the competition found them winning the National vote by a landslide, making them the unmistaken National winners. Soon after, they entered Supernova’s “Band on the Run to the UK” competition where they drew a huge and unexpected crowd, again winning the National Vote. Ever since, the young band has been playing an array of shows and has captured the attention of the Canadian music industry. The band’s humble beginnings of playing in support of charities and foundations has allowed their unique sound to be welcomed by a variety of venues and audiences. Through this, they have gained a loyal fan base, which continues to grow at every turn.In the year since Good For Grapes released their debut album, they’ve headlined two Canada-wide tours and played many reputable festivals and showcases, including SXSW in Texas, Squamish Valley Music Festival, Tall Tree Music Fest, and Canadian Music Week. They’ve also performed at the storied Vancouver Folk Festival and Edmonton Folk Fest, where they were named Best Emerging Artist in 2013.

Good for Grapes recently wrapped up their third Canadian tour, supporting their new single “Skipping Stone”, which has received airplay on CBC and radio stations across the country. With a music video by Tommy Lee, who also produced the video for their song “Renminbi Tips”, the band has quickly gained national traction on the strength of their debut album: a recording that captures their energetic stage presence, bombastic rhythms, and tight harmonies. In November 2014, Good For Grapes beat out heavy competition and wereawarded the grand prize of the Peak Performance Project BC, earning $102,700.00 to use toward furthering their career. In the spring of 2015 they head back into the studio to record the highly anticipated follow-up to their debut album.

A six piece rock'n'roll dance band that plays the kind of music you could expect to hear if The Stranglers piggybacked Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass through the Rose Parade.

Swampy basslines, primal drumming, dancing ladies with brassy hornstacks, keys, congas & vocal harmonies galore.

Formed on a dare by Lyle Bell, Trevor Anderson and Kim Rackel, the bass and horn heavy quintet burst onto the scene with 2006's A Whale of a Cow CD. Written and recorded within one week of the band's formation, it was a clarion call to anyone within earshot that The Wet Secrets had arrived.

2007 saw the release of the fuzzed-up Rock Fantasy full-length. CBC Radio 3's fervent support of the track "Secret March" landed the song at the #2 slot on the national CBC charts, won the band a Bucky, and brought on international acclaim. Festival touring soon followed, including mandatory stops at Austin's SXSW and CMJ in New York, and the band played the opening slot at Edmonton's inaugural Sonic Boom festival.

Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3 named "Secret March" one of the "Top 20 Songs of the 2000s".

Free Candy is the long-awaited third album from Edmonton's dapper pop primates. After a four-year hiatus spent focusing on other projects (Bell with Shout Out Out Out Out and Anderson with Dirt City Films), the band has reconvened and crafted a deceptively sunny new album, to be released independently on February 4, 2014.

Free Candy marks a dramatic leap forward for the band in both songwriting and attitude. With the addition of local psych-pop wizard Paul Arnusch (Faunts/Whitsundays) and wunderkind Emma Frazier, The Wet Secrets have returned determined to seize the brass ring and stomp the world in the face/balls.

(Figuratively/literally). This new resolve now comes with a more pensive pen, eschewing tongue-in-cheek ribaldry for a well conceived quasi-concept album about death, disappointment, and doin' it. Material with more gravitas perhaps, but still smartly dressed in the frantic pop trappings of The Wet Secrets.

On New Year's Day, CBC Music listed Free Candy as one of the "Top Ten Most Anticipated Canadian Releases of 2014".