Atomique Productions presents

with Wardell

Tickets: $42.50 – $59.50 – Available in person and by phone (250.386.6121) at the Royal McPherson Box Office, and online at

c/o PAX-AM
Hollywood CA 90028

To release self-produced, self-titled new album September 9 on PAX-AM/Blue Note and tour said record throughout 2014 and 2015.

Design and construction of PAX-AM studios in Los Angeles to serve as home of self-owned-and-operated PAX-AM label to serve as home base for all things PAX-AM from new singles series to recording studio where responsibilities as owner/operator include producing records by other artists including Jenny Lewis and Fall Out Boy.

Securing of numerous Grammy nominations with zero wins as recently as 2011’s Ashes & Fire, and going back all the way to Gold and “New York, New York” among others.

September 2013 to Present - Ryan Adams - Writing, recording and producing self-titled new record, first in a new PAX-AM/Blue Note alliance. 11 new songs, beginning with “Gimme Something Good,” the first vinyl single to go #1 at the music store. “Gimme Something Good” is also an Entertainment Weekly Must List recipient (“scorches with Stonesian bravado and a fist-pump-worthy chorus”), praised by Time ("a gritty guitar-driven jam perfect for cranking on the stereo while summertime cruising up Main Street... highlights Adams’ sustained ability to play intimate-sounding arena rock”), Stereogum ("he doesn’t seem to have lost a songwriting step. This thing is a total knockout.”), and others. Recorded at PAX-AM with help from Jeremy Stacey (drums), Benmont Tench (keys), Mike Viola (all sorts of stuff), Marshall Vore (drums, percussion), Tal Wilkenfeld (bass), and additional assists from Johnny Depp and Mandy Moore.

October 2011 to June 2012 - Ashes & Fire - Glyn Johns-produced return to active solo duty following split with the Cardinals and “with this gorgeous, shimmering solo album, Adams restores faith in the increasingly saggy singer/songwriter genre”—at least that’s what USA Today said. Then again Rolling Stone called it “Sad, simple, slight–and perfect” and Esquire said it was "too good not to write about,” and preceded by “Lucky Now” it entered the U.S. chart at #7. Live After Deaf, a 15-LP limited vinyl box chronicling the Ashes & Fire solo tour, sold out its entire pressing in eight minutes.

May to December 2010 - Orion, Adams’ first fully realized sci-fi metal concept album, and III/IV double album originally recorded in 2006 both released via PAX-AM in this time frame.

October 2008 - Cardinology - Features “Fix It,” Go Easy,” “Crossed Out Name,” “Magick.” Multiple finals here: Final release on Lost Highway Records becomes final release of new studio material by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, the third and final Ryan/Cardinals full length produced by Tom Schick, followed by final Ryan Adams & The Cardinals tour. And that’s final.

June 2007 - Easy Tiger released, debuting at #7 with highest first week U.S. sales to date. “Goodnight Rose” premiered on that IFC show Rollins used to have, “Two” gets some nice play in various parts of the world as does “Everybody Knows," and Rolling Stone picks “Halloweenhead” as #45 in its 100 Best Songs of 2007. Also: #15 in Estonia, bitches. Produced by Jamie Candiloro.

May to December 2005 - The Cardinals apotheosis, the 2-LP Cold Roses (you have to admit "Beautiful Sorta,” “Let It Ride,” “If I Am A Stranger”… hell they all still sound pretty sweet—Cold Roses is essentially a Cardinals greatest hits record), is released, followed by another Cards stapleJacksonville City Nights (featuring “Peaceful Valley” and of course “Dear John” with Norah Jones). The year is concluded with the solo joint 29recorded over two weeks with Ethan Johns.

November 2003 to May 2004 - Produced with John Porter and recorded in New York and New Orleans, Love Is Hell is originally released as two EPs in late 2003 due to Lost Highway’s concerns about the full album’s commercial viability. They apparently do not have the same reservations aboutRock N Roll, released in full around the same time. Love Is Hell ultimately released as full album, “Political Scientist,” Please Do Not Let Me Go,” “This House Is Not For Sale" still kill it, so whatever.

September 2002 - Demolition  or as it should have been titled: the label compiles tracks from never released studio albums Suicide Handbook, The Pinkheart Sessions and 48 Hours into a third album. September 2001 to February 2002 - Gold released, major label (Lost Highway) debut that goes on to sell nearly a million copies worldwide to date. Features “When Stars Go Blue,” quoted in Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story  and likely known to your friends and family as "that Tim Graw song the kid did on American Idol” or “the song the Corrs did with Bono.” Also features unintentional post-9/11 anthem "New York, New York” as well as "The Rescue Blues," "Answering Bell” and at least one or two others you’d recognize from a movie or TV show. Three Grammy nominations in 2002: Best Rock Album for Gold, Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for "New York, New York", and Best Male Country Vocal Performance for "Lovesick Blues” from Hank Williams tribute album Timeless. September 2000 (what is it with September?) - Heartbreaker released, solo debut on Bloodshot Records. Produced, like Gold would be, by Ethan Johns. Includes “My Winding Wheel,” “Oh My Sweet Carolina” (featuring Emmylou Harris), “Come Pick Me Up.” You know you could.

Pinball, cats, comics, poetry, metal and American hardcore.

Available upon request via Steve Martin