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Getting your band back together again is as bittersweet as having an affair with your ex. After all, you’ll probably just have to break up all over again.
“But the sex is really fun in the meantime,” points out Corby Lund, who will be back playing bass for the smalls – small “s” on “the smalls” – for what they can’t call the Goodbye Forever Tour because they already did that in 2001.

One of the top indie rock bands Edmonton has ever spawned performed for the first time in 13 years at X-Fest in Calgary on Saturday, Aug. 30, and at Edmonton’s Sonic Boom festival on Sunday, Aug. 31. They’re calling it “the smalls (Slight Return)”.

After this, who knows? It’s complicated, like any broken marriage. The band – Lund, singer Mike Caldwell, guitarist Dug Bevans, and drummer Terry Johnson –went their separate ways when they split up in 2001.

Since then, they’ve been busy.

Lund found success in the field of alt-country music with Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans. They won a Juno award in 2006. The Mayor of Edmonton declared it “Corb Lund Day” when the band played the Interstellar Rodeo in July.
Bevans now lives in Vancouver, B.C. with his two-year-old daughter, runs a school tour company, and works in experimental electronic music and visual art. He was awarded a three month composer’s residency at the Banff Centre in 2011, and built a five-story Trojan horse that was burned at Burning Man a few years back.

Caldwell, the wailing lead singer with the brooding demeanour, is definitely the most enigmatic member of the band. He had a daughter, too, and played in a cover bands with friends for eight years before stopping music professionally, living between Victoria, Lethbridge, and Taber, Alberta.

Johnson has been in Edmonton the whole time, working for the City of Edmonton, and playing and writing with an original hardcore metal band, Secret Rivals.