Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Will Call located?

Will Call is typically located at the front entrance of the venue and opens on the day of the show. For all shows at Alix Goolden Hall, Will Call opens at 6:30pm unless otherwise specified. Please bring the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets for verification.

I bought my ticket on and I haven’t received my confirmation/Print-at-Home/Mobile Tickets yet.

HAVE YOUR CHECKED YOUR SPAM FILTER? TRY THERE FIRST!   Most issues for Print-at-Home, Mobile Tickets, or Email Confirmation not received are easily resolved by checking your spam filter or junk mail folder. Please check there before sending us a message.   Additionally, you may be able to log-in to your Ticketweb account and resend your Print-at-Home email, mobile tickets, or confirmation email.   See here for more information on how to log-in to your Ticketweb Account:   Ticketweb Accounts   If you still need help, please contact Ticketweb. Your issue should be fairly easy to resolve.   If the event is today, tonight, or tomorrow, please call them at 1-888-222-6608.   Customer Support Hours Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00pm Pacific Time   All Ticketweb inquiries can most likely be solved on their extensive support website: Read more on this...

I am in a band or represent a group that would like to be considered for booking by Atomique Productions.

Please email us a link to your website as well as a brief recap of all recent happenings, live and recorded. Please do not send us unsolicited materials.

I can’t find a seat

Unless you have purchased tickets to a seated theatre style event, we do not guarantee seating at any of our events.

It’s too loud! I don’t like the band!

Both of these are subjective opinions. We do not issue refunds and we recommend bringing earplugs!

Can I bring a camera or take pictures with my phone?

Atomique doesn't have a firm policy on photos, but every band will have their own rules, which will ultimately take precedent. Bottom line: if you bring your camera, you are taking the risk of possibly storing it for the duration of the event.

Can I reserve a seat?

Unless reserved seating is available, and you have purchased a ticket as such, unfortunately the answer is no.

What time do the bands start?

For club shows, music usually begins 1 – 1.5 hours after doors. You can count on 20 – 30 minutes between acts. For seated shows, music usually begins 30 - 45 minutes after doors.

I am underage. Can I attend?

Only if the event in question takes place at a seated theatre, or the words ALL AGES are written on the face of your ticket. Feel free to email us if you are unsure.